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January 29, 2011

WMI’m Going Speed Dating

Filed under: Code,Windows — adeyblue @ 12:21 am

There’s tonnes of example on how to use SWbemDateTime to convert from FILETIME’s or CDates in VBScript, yet I couldn’t find any for C++. So here’s how…

January 17, 2011

Undefined Behaviour – Star Trek Style!?

Filed under: Windows — adeyblue @ 4:17 pm

We all know that stepping over array bounds is easily managed in C and C++. So much so that the C standard library has a function, gets, which may as well be named ’cause_buffer_overflow’. The consequences of overflowing a buffer are also understood, pretty much anything can happen from nothing to corrupted variables to flat out crashing. To demonstrate just how serious this can be, I’d like to relay something based on a true story.

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