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October 17, 2012

Dropping Like Files – Zipping Without Libraries

Filed under: Code,Windows — adeyblue @ 6:46 pm

We haven’t been living under rocks. We know that since XP, Windows has had zip file extraction and creation. what it doesn’t have is a defined API so us normals can leverage it programmatically. But we have ways and means…

October 8, 2012

Things MS Can Do That They Don’t Tell You About – Console Graphics

Filed under: Code,Windows — adeyblue @ 4:06 am

CreateConsoleScreenBuffer: what a fabulous function. But wait a minute here. what’s that mysteriously reserved parameter for, and why is there a flags argument for one value with a weasely worded “only supported screen buffer type”? Sounds like there’s something else it can (or at least could) do…

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